IDD SolutionNet, i.Safe Version 2 is one of the pre-qualified technology solutions under Enhanced iSPRINT Scaling Up Proven Sector Solutions for workplace safety and health.

Singapore based Construction Sector SMEs can claim up to 70% for the qualifying subscription costs up to 12 months per site. Eligible SMEs need to pay at least 30% of the qualifying costs, while IMDA (INFOCOMM MEDIA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY) will reimburse the support directly to IDD SolutionNet.


  1. Singapore registered and physically present company.
  2. Having at least 30 percent local shareholding.
  3. With core business activities of Construction and construction related / businesses issued with BCA license or SLOTS certificate.
  4. SMEs Group sales turnover should be less than 100 Million Singapore dollar OR SME group employment size should be less than 200 employees.

For more information on Enhanced iSPRINT (SME GoDigital Programme) Click Here

Pricing under iSPRINT Scheme

SlNo. Description Unit Cost (SGD) Unit Quantity (years) Amount (SGD)
1 i.Safe Software version 2 [Software As A Service] It includes live WSH updates, WSH regulations,RM 2.0, PTW with evidences with 24x7 support services as per SLA plus software updates and along with data storage & Backups. $ 9,000.00 3 User access per year 1 (Years) $9,000.00

(a) i.Safe SME Pack for three independent users logins namely preparer, verifier and approver
(01) RA Wizard
(02) Risk Assessment
(03) Dashboard
(04) Administration
(05) Hazard Management
(06) Risk Matrix
(07) Work activities
(08) Conformance
(09) Resources
(10) Consulting
(11) Professional development
(12) Help
(13) Mobile Permit to Work
(14) Mobile Checklists

2 Professional Services

Training of i.Safe SME License Pack

2 sessions (8Hours) for
3 personnel i.e. preparer, verifier & approver
$800.00 Per Manday 1 (Year) $800.00
Additional Professional Services & Training:
Training of Android based Mobile permit
to work system and Checklists modules
2 Sessions (8Hours) for
2 personnel i.e. assessor & approver
$800.00 Per Manday 1 (Year) $800.00
Sub Total for 12 months before iMDA Grant per Site $10,600.00
GST 7% on $10,600: $742.00
Grant Support under Enhanced iSPRINT (Scale-up):
Up to 70%, capped at $6,860.00 for standard package price of S$:9,800 for minimum THREE (3) independent users. - Support up to 12 Months

Additional Professional Services / Training:
Up to 70%, capped at S$560.00 for Additional professional training of S$:800.00 for ONE(1) man-day

Important Note:
Grant cap per packaged solution per participating SME per site - Capped at S$:20,000 for one (1) year



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